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Need Teacher ASAP !Private Lesson 2,500Yen & 3,000Yen (/Hr)
Sapporo Area
2500JPY (60min) Learning Studio, Cafe, House and Office lesson
Niseko Area
2000JPY (60min) Learning Studio, Cafe, House and Office lesson
Sendai Area
3000JPY (60min) Learning Studio, Cafe, House and Office lesson
Yokohama Tokyo Area
3000JPY (60min) Learning Studio, Cafe, House and Office lesson
Nagoya Area
3000JPY (60min) Learning Studio, Cafe, House and Office lesson

Requirements English, French, German, Spanish, Russian instructor

Must currently reside in Japan
Professionalism-6 months relevant teaching experience in Japan
Stability-A current, valid WORKING visa

札幌エリア 2000円(60分) 横浜・名古屋エリア 2500円(60分)です。

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■Atlas Level Check System

ATLAS offers students a level check system through trial lessons. The students level is categorized into 6 levels from beginner to advanced high.See the ATLAS original level chart below.

( 6 is the highest level )

Level 6
Can discuss about topics including media & cultures with effective use of idioms and colloquiums.Can communicate confidently and competently in well-structured language.Native-like usage.
Level 5
Can discuss and express opinions about political & social issues as well as personal matters.Can be sensitive with sultural differences and have a sufficient command of the language to adapt appropriate formation.
Level 4
Can have wide range of vocabulary, expressions and discourse ability to discuss matters related to his/her interests and professional field as well as formulating what he or she wants to express depending on situations.
Level 3
Can explain in detail about him/herself in topics related to familiar everyday situations. Can deal with practical everyday demands in natural flow. Can have enough vocabulary & expressions to maintain conversations, but the language use is limited only in familiar expressions.
Level 2
Can communicate in simple & routine tasks requiring simple & direct exchenge of information. Can have enough basic vocabulary & grammar to be understood in predictable everyday situations, likely to arise whilst travelling.
Level 1
Can use simple, memorized phrase to greet or answer simple questions. Can follow short, simple direction.

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